Using HTTP for StoreFront Server

In some recent lab testing I setup Citrix StoreFront to use HTTP as I was running some quick tests and didn’t need HTTPS for my test.

Unfortunately, by default, the Citrix Receiver only allows you to connect via HTTPS. If you enter an HTTP URL, it won’t allow you to save it and instead, get the following error:

“The specified server address is not secure”


Once you click, “Add”, you will get the following:

“HTTP Store requires additional configuration before being added to the Citrix Receiver. Please contact your system administrator.”


The fix for this is to edit/add the following Registry keys on the client your using the Citrix Receiver to connect from:

  1. Set HKLM\Software\[Wow6432Node\]Citrix\Dazzle\AllowAddStore to A to allow users to add non-secure stores.
  2. (Optional) Set HKLM\Software\[Wow6432Node\]Citrix\Dazzle\AllowSavePwd to A to allow users to save their passwords for non-secure stores.
  3. To enable the addition of a store that is configured in StoreFront with a TransportType of HTTP, add to HKLM\Software\[Wow6432Node\]Citrix\AuthManager the value ConnectionSecurityMode (REG_SZ type) and set it to Any.
  4. Exit and restart Citrix Receiver.

Source: Configure and install Receiver for Windows using command-line parameters

You should now be able to use an HTTP URL in your Citrix Receiver to connect to StoreFront successfully!

Hope this helps someone else down the road!

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