Troubleshooting Guides

Anyone who works in IT is always looking for tips and tricks on the most effective ways at troubleshooting issues. These are a collection of the few resources for troubleshooting Citrix & VMware VDI environments I’ve used over the years along with ones I’ve heard from customers and partners. I hope others find some of these helpful!

Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop

Latest Articles and Tools for Printing and Graphics – a list of key tools Citrix recommends for troubleshooting some common issues such as printing and graphics issues/configurations.

Citrix Supportability Pack – this is a relatively new collection of support tools from Citrix that according to the site is, “a collection of popular tools written by Citrix engineers to help diagnose and troubleshoot XenDesktop/XenApp products.” It looks to have some great tools in it!

Secrets of the Citrix Support Ninjas – anyone looking for a good summary of key tips in troubleshooting a variety of Citrix issues this is a great guideline. It has some advanced concepts as well as some as the basic ‘go to’ tools like enabling logging on the Citrix VDA for example.

Citrix HDX Monitor – Citrix HDX monitor is a great tool especially for troubleshooting client side issues such as things like, is audio enabled, USB redirection working, Flash redirection settings, etc..

Citrix Communities – Citrix has always been a company that provides some great community resources whether through traditional support forums, local user groups and with lots of social media communities.

CTP Blogs – many of the Citrix Technology Professionals have some great blogs with troubleshooting tips, etc.. A great one summarizing some key tools for XD/XA troubleshooting is here!

VMware Horizon View

VMware Horizon Toolbox 2 Fling – if you haven’t seen VMware Flings they are tools created by VMware engineers that help with troubleshooting and managing your VMware environment. This is a good one that plugs into Horizon View that gives you more management capabilities such as remote session shadowing for example.

VMware Horizon Support Center – instead of linking to individually, VMware has a great summary of key Horizon support resources here.

VMware View Technology Network (VMTN) – is a great community support forum for all things Horizon.

VMware End-User Computing Blog – this is a great blog that covers new features to View and is a great wealth of knowledge to keep up on the happens of Horizon.

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