Optimization & Performance Tuning


Everyone is always looking to tune and optimize performance within a desktop virtualization environment. Here is a collection of resources I’ve gather that outlines some of the popular resources I’ve come across. These mostly cover OS, networking  & other various tuning tips. Got an additional tip I should add? Let me know! chris@vditoolbox.com

Great Optimization Guides & Resources

VMware Horizion Optimization & Performance Tuning

Optimization Guide for Desktops and Servers for VMware Horizion 6 and VMware Horizion Air Desktops and VMware Horizion Air Apps

Teradici PCoIP Protocol Specific Optimizations (note: you will need a logon on the Teradici support site to access most of these articles. Once logged in, search for the KB articles noted below, i.e. 15134-276, etc…

  • How do I optimize PCoIP in VMware View for long distance WAN network connections? (15134-276)
    • What are PCoIP session variable GPOs? (15134-348)
      • Optimize the Windows Desktop Experience Settings
    • How do I optimize the Windows desktop experience settings to reduce PCoIP session bandwidth? (15134-880)
      • Optimize PCoIP Session Variable GPO’s
    • Set a PCoIP Session Bandwidth Limit: Configure the maximum PCoIP session bandwidth. (15134-351)
    • Set a display frame rate limit & Adjust the Maximum Initial Image Quality setting: Configure PCoIP image quality levels. (15134-353)
      • Adjust the Maximum Initial Image Quality setting
    • Set an audio playback bandwidth limit: Configure the PCoIP session audio bandwidth limit. (15134-386)
    • Disable imaging build-to-lossless: Configuring the Turn off Build-to-Lossless feature in VMware View (15134-869)
      • Reduce Display Resolution
      • PCoIP Protocol Virtual Desktop Network Design Checklist

Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp Optimization & Performance Tuning

Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp Best Practices Guides

Windows 8 and Server 2012 Optimization Guide

  • Citrix blog that covers many great OS optimizations for a XenDesktop or XenApp environment

Citrix XenDesktop Optimizer Tool

  • This covers what is tuned when you install the Citrix the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) and choose to optimize the operating systems

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