Wyse Converter for PCs Installation Steps

The following steps outline the typical installation of Wyse Converter for PCs

  1. Download a copy of Wyse Converter for PCs here
  2. Ensure the PC you wish to convert meets the minimum requirements and pre-requisites noted here
  3. You will also want to get access to the Wyse Management Suite software to have a centralized way to configure and manage your converted PC’s. You can get access to Wyse Management Suite by going here. Alternatively, you can manually configure the device using local GUI during testing.
  4. Run ‘WyseConverterforPCs.exe’ on your Windows 7 or Windows 10 PC you wish to convert. Note: By default, you will get a 45 day trial license as part of the installation.
  5. Follow the steps below for a typical installation:
    1. After installation completes and PC reboots you will be brought to the following screen:


8. By default, Converter for PC will auto-logon as the locked down Standard User, ‘WyseUser’ as noted in step 4. In order to login as ‘WyseAdmin’ hold down ‘shift’ key and log off and you will be brought to Windows logon screen where you can select the user account you want to log in as.

  • default credentials
    • username: wyseadmin | password: DellCCCvdi
    • username: wyseuser | password: DellCCCvdi

9. At this point, you can begin your configuration of the Citrix client, VMware client, etc… using one of 2 methods:

10. You can access documentation Wyse Converter for PC documentation here and Wyse Management Suite documentation here.

Additional support resources as noted below:

Dell TechCenter Wyse Product Support Forums – these are a great resource for getting up and running with the solutions as well as tips and tricks for troubleshooting common issues. Once you join the Dell TechCenter community you will have a variety of resources to get started!

Dell Wyse Support Site – Wyse documentation, log support incident, etc…

Available categories with forum and topic lists:

  • Wyse general forum: for discussions that, for example, span multiple categories, involve end-to-end methods, heterogeneous environments, new use cases or topics not found under the support documentation or existing discussions.
  • Wyse thin clients: includes Cloud Connect, Linux, Windows Embedded Standard, ThinOS and zero clients for Citrix, MultiPoint Server and VMware.
  • Wyse software: includes Wyse Management Suite, Wyse Device Manager, Wyse WSM and Wyse Virtualization Software

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