How To: Wyse Management Suite and Active Directory Integration

One of the great features of Wyse Management Suite (WMS) Pro is the ability to integrate it with Active Directory so you can log into WMS using your existing Active Directory accounts.

The process is pretty straightforward as outlined in admin guides but recently working on this with a customer I wanted to document the process with some additional details that helped.

  • Go to ‘Portal Administration’, ‘Active Directory (AD)’
  • Enter your Active Directory information as outlined below:
    • Name: FQDN of domain controller
    • Domain: domain name
    • Server URL: ldap://ip_fqdn of domain controller
    • Port: 389

  • Once you click ‘Save’ and it’s successful, you will see the following screen:

  • Click on the ‘icon’ to add by either Groups, Users, and also search by OU to enumerate from AD.

  • You will then see your existing Groups appear below:

    You could also search just for a specific Group, i.e. WMS Administrators:

    You could also search just for a specific User, i.e. wyseuser: (NOTE: User account must have email associated with account in order to show up, otherwise you will get an error message while trying to import users.

    You could also search by Organizational Unit (OU), i.e. Management

  • Once you have imported what you choose, the users will show up under the Users tab in WMS under, ‘Unassigned Admins’. Note: This may take a few minutes to show up after importing from AD.

  • Select the account and select ‘Edit User’:

  • Select ‘Roles’ and assign the appropriate role for the user:

  • Once complete, the user will show up under the ‘Administrator(s)’ tab:

  • On the WMS Portal logon screen, choose ‘Sign in with your domain credentials’ to log in with your newly imported and assigned AD user.

  • Enter your AD user account and login!