Dell World 2015 – Desktop Virtualization


This year was my 1st Dell World and I sure picked an exciting year to make it my 1st! There were lots of highlights to this years Dell World but one of my favorites was seeing Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, on stage during the keynote with Michael Dell. It’s not very often you get to see these industry leaders in person so that was really cool.

The keynote highlighted many things we are accustomed to hearing about innovation, customer testimonials, and being “future ready”. It was very interesting to see all the stuff Dell is also doing in the IoT space which is an exciting area and fun to see and hear first hand real world applications.

Of course, Dell World 2015 wasn’t complete without talking about EMC and all the excitement around that! If you want to check out a great video on Michael Dell talking about this head here – the guys at @theCUBE are awesome!

In the keynote there was several mentions of VDI whether it was touching on the Wyse acquisition, the stuff we are doing with hyper-converged appliances such as Dell XC (Nutanix) as well as mentioning VMware’s Airwatch solution.

The Cloud Client Computing desktop virtualization area was all powered by Wyse thin and zero client devices for all the demos.

We had lots of interest around our NVIDIA GRID enabled Dell Wyse Precision Appliance as well as our 2 other VDI appliances Dell Appliance for Wyse – Citrix & vWorkspace. We also highlighted our 2 key offerings for hyper-converged VDI appliances, Dell XC powered by Nutanix and the VMware EVO:RAIL appliance.

The 2 key things I keep hearing from customers and partners is they are excited about all advanced graphics capabilities we are now able to deliver in VDI as well as making VDI simpler to deploy. VDI is inherently complex, lots of moving parts and knobs and dials to turn. If we can make VDI simpler to deploy and deliver on the promise of making the experience similar or better than your existing PC then that’s a win!