Tools & Utilities

This is a collection of tools I’ve used in the past in working in various customer environments which helped a variety of customer issues. Got one I should add? Let me know! | Twitter | LinkedIn

Citrix Tools:

Graphics Tools:

VMware Tools:

Wyse Thin Client Tools link

Microsoft Tools:

Network Troubleshooting Tools:

  • Wireshark
    • the gold standard in tools for reviewing network traffic when troubleshooting difficult connectivity issues

Miscellaneous Tools:

  • Twacker
    • This tool is handy to troubleshoot scanner redirection issues for generic USB pass-through or using TWAIN redirection. Run the Twacker utility and it will attempt to connect to your scanner to show if it passes through and works successfully.
  • Toolster
    • Utility to test webcam and microphone from online website
  • USB ID Database or DeviceHunt
    • Enter a peripheral VID/PID into this website and it will tell you model and vendor. Handy when troubleshooting USB issues.

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