Wyse Management Suite

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Wyse Management Suite Quick Start Resources: Here are some great quick start resources for Wyse Management Suite (WMS)

WMS comes in 2 versions, (compare versions here), select the option you are using below;

WMS Standard or Pro (software to install on-prem)

  • You can download WMS from here & documentation from here
  • [Video] Great WMS installation video here.

WMS Pro (cloud hosted version)

  • You can sign up for an evaluation here & get documentation here

Once you have WMS installed, you have a few more configuration options here;

  • Configure your devices to automatically ‘find’ your WMS server. This is outlined in the documentation and I’ve also outlined steps here.
  • [Video] If using Wyse ThinOS, then you can create your ThinOS configuration profiles by following the steps outlined in this great video!
  • [Video] If you are looking to upgrade the firmware on your Wyse ThinOS device you can follow the steps here!

Additional support resources are located here!