Wyse Management Suite – Error pulling Windows 10 IoT Image

In some recent lab testing I ran into the following error: “CCM on-prem Server authentication token is not available in configuration file.”

I got this error when attempting to pull a Windows 10 IoT Image off a Wyse 5060 client.

The fix was to push the updated Merlin package, aka boot agent, to the device prior to capturing image.

This package is already pre-loaded in the Wyse Management Suite software and listed under “Apps & Data\App Inventory\Thin Client” – MerlinPackage_Common.exe.

You will need to create and App Policy containing this package and push to the client.

  1. To create App Policy go to, Apps & Data\App Policies\Thin Client\Add Policy
  2. Complete the policy using the details below:
  3. Once policy is created, go to, “Jobs\Schedule App Policy” and create your policy similar to below:
  4. Once the policy is pushed successfully you should now be able to pull the image!

Error details:

(Status: Failed – [ERROR: CCM on-prem Server authentication token is not available in configuration file. (error code : 107).]
[ERROR STAGE: Repository validation.]
[REASON: Configuration file is missing authentication token of on prem Server.]
[SOLUTION: Make sure config file is updated with proper CCM on prem Server authentication token.]
| (107))

Hope this helps someone else down the road!

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Additional support resources as noted below:

Dell TechCenter Wyse Product Support Forums – these are a great resource for getting up and running with the solutions as well as tips and tricks for troubleshooting common issues. Once you join the Dell TechCenter community you will have a variety of resources to get started!

Dell Wyse Support Site – Wyse documentation, log support incident, etc…

Available categories with forum and topic lists:

  • Wyse general forum: for discussions that, for example, span multiple categories, involve end-to-end methods, heterogeneous environments, new use cases or topics not found under the support documentation or existing discussions.
  • Wyse thin clients: includes Cloud Connect, Linux, Windows Embedded Standard, ThinOS and zero clients for Citrix, MultiPoint Server and VMware.
  • Wyse software: includes Wyse Management Suite, Wyse Device Manager, Wyse WSM and Wyse Virtualization Software

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