Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) & Dell Wyse Windows 10 IoT

*New* AVD & Windows 10 IoT in Kiosk Mode here!

I recently worked with a customer exploring Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and they asked about Dell Wyse support. This article talks about our Windows 10 IoT support and we also have released support for Dell Wyse ThinOS 9.1 which you can read more about here.

Dell was recently added to the Windows Virtual Desktop partner integration site highlighting our support with Windows 10 IoT devices, specifically our 5070, 5470 mobile thin client, & 5470 all in one thin client.

You can see more details here on the Windows Virtual Desktop partner integration page.

The Windows Virtual Desktop client is a pretty straightforward install that I’ve outlined below.

Note: You want to run the installation as an administrator and be sure to disable the File Based Write Filter before running the client install to ensure the install and changes are saved to the device.

  1. We installed this on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB
  2. Download latest WVD client from here. Note: Be sure to use the latest released WVD client as Microsoft has made note of blocking older & unsupported clients including MSTSC clients.

3. Run the installer and take the defaults for a typical installation

4. Once finished, launch the client and follow the prompts to get access to your Windows Virtual Desktop resources.

You’re finished! This outlines the basic steps to get the client installed on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

Look for additional Windows Virtual Desktop support on other Dell Wyse platforms in the near future!

Hope this helps someone out!

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4 thoughts on “Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) & Dell Wyse Windows 10 IoT

  1. Hi. I love the article but it seems like the computer needs to be locked down further so it just opens up to the WVD client and locks it down from there so users don’t poke around. Is there anywhere you’ve seen where they document the best ways to do that?


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