Dell – Azure Virtual Desktop – AVD on Azure Stack HCI -Video Series

Dell recently released a really cool video series on Microsoft AVD on Azure Stack!

The 9 part video series demonstrates deploying Azure Virtual Desktop VMs to Dell Microsoft Azure Stack!

I’ve talked a lot about the various AVD solutions Dell is involved in including, running AVD from Dell Windows IoT thin clients & Dell Wyse ThinOS thin clients.

You can access the entire AVD on Dell Azure Stack video series starting here.

Check out part 1 below!!

If you want to dig deeper, check out our AVD on Azure Stack design guide here & our implemtnion guide here!

These are some excellent documents that go into great detail on deploying AVD on Azure Stack!

Part 2-9 continue here!


Additional Resources:

All things Dell Technologies VDI hub here

Dell VDI Whitepapers

Dell VDI Blogs


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