Dell Wyse Precision Appliance


The Dell Wyse Precision Appliance is a Dell Precision Rack 7910 that provides high end graphics and GPU in a datacenter rack mounted appliance. A key feature of these appliances is the quick setup using the Dell Quick Tool that is discussed further below. Here is a great demo showcasing the Precision appliance capabilities at VMworld 2015: NVIDIA GRID Precision Demo A recent review was also done by the folks at Storage Review which you can see here.

The Precision Appliances comes in 2 key configurations;

  1. Direct GPU Pass-through – the appliance will support 3 NVIDIA Quadro K4200 cards supporting 3 users each getting their own GPU.  This configuration is for the highest end use case which requires a dedicated GPU proving the ultimate in graphics capability which is what you find in a standard Dell Precision workstation that would sit under your desk.
  2. NVIDIA GRID vGPU – the appliance will support 2 NVIDIA GRID K2A cards supporting either 4 or 8 users depending on the NVIDIA vGPU profile used. This configuration will support applications such as the AutoDesk Suite including Revit, AutoCad, etc…

You can read more about the configuration specifics below!


Here is also a great video of using the Quick Start Tool to setup the appliance below. This tool automates many of the steps it would take if you were to manually deploy this sort of appliance. Enjoy!

Dell Wyse Precision Appliance – link to product information

Dell Wyse Precision Appliance – link to technical documents and setup videos

Latest Precision Appliance drivers – includes guest VM drivers and NVIDIA vGPU VIB for vSphere

  • Note: guest driver and host driver version must match to work correctly
  • i.e. Host driver 346.42 matches the guest driver 347.52. Latest host driver version 346.68 matches guest driver 348.27.