PC Extender

* Update * – Wyse Converter for PC’s is the new solution to replace Wyse PC Extender. Get access to quick start resources here.

Dell Wyse PC Extender (PCE) is software you can install on an old PC and essentially turn it into a thin client. The PC Extender software is very similar to our Linux thin client operating system that you can find on existing lines of Dell Wyse Thin Clients.

Once the software is installed either on hard drive, booted from USB key or installed on bare metal it can be configured to come right up to your VDI login screen. By default, the device can be used to standard desktop virtualization platforms like Citrix, Microsoft & VMware platforms.

You can see the installation process and a great demo of the solution here:

You can download PC Extender from here and the documentation from here.

You can find additional documentation @ http://www.wyse.com/kb  – Solution 19515: Documentation – Wyse PC Extender

You an also access the PC Extender support forum here!

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